Santiago Casas

Santiago Casas is a self-taught abstract and surreal expressionist artist from Spain, who has lived in Madrid, London, Miami, Paris and Berlin. His work can be found through galleries in New York and Paris, as well as public and private collections throughout Europe, United States, Asia and Latin America. Santiago’s strong artistic drive originated through the making of music, but it’s in the blank canvas that he found the freedom he was searching for.

Santiago’s work ranges from painting to surreal collage and sculpture, and his technique varies depending on the medium. Some of his works involve a very strong body movement, where the paint is whipped horizontally at very high speeds, rather than vertically. While others require a delicate and precise methodology. In order to achieve such a variety of styles, Santiago has been innovating through all sorts of imaginative and out-of-thebox instruments, including garden and kitchen utensils, air pressure generators, mechanical appliances, wood sticks, brushes, rollers and, of course, his own hands.

Some works therefore take days, while others can take months before the patterns can be untangled and stabilized into a coherent experience. And yet others are so minimalist and challenging, that Santiago goes through dozens or even hundreds of works before that one-shot canvas meets the desired criteria.

His work comes in four sizes: Mural (aprox 250x150 cm), Large (160x100 cm), Medium (70x90 or 50x65 cm) and Small (40x40cm). All works are acrylic on canvas or paper, and the cube sculptures are in polyethylene.